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Aviation Badges

An oxidized silver badge 3/4 inch in height and 2 1/2 inches in width, consisting of
a shield with its field scored with horizontal lines and bearing the coat of arms of the
United States on and over a pair of displayed wings. A star is added above the shield
to indicate the degree of Senior Aviation Badge and the star is surrounded with a laurel wreath to indicate the degree of Master Aviation Badge.

The badge is the same design as that for Army Aviator with the coat of arms of the
United States substituted for the shield of the coat of arms of the United States. The
wings suggest flight and reflect the skills associated with aerial flight. The coat of
arms of the United States on the shield signifies loyalty and devotion to duty.

The retroactive date for these badges is 1 Jan 1947; The Master Aviation Badge
and Senior Aviation Badge are authorized for permanent wear. The Basic Aviation
Badge may be authorized for temporary or permanent wear. An officer awarded an
Aviation Badge while serving in an enlisted status is authorized to wear the badge
as a permanent part of the uniform; Permanent award of the Basic, Master, and
Senior Aviation Badges will be announced in Permanent Orders by commanders
authorized to approve the award.

The Aviation Badge was originally approved as the Aircraft Crew Member Badge by
the Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations on 16 May 1962. The Deputy Chief
of Staff approved the change to the present Aviation Badges on 29 Feb 2000
retroactive to 1 Jan 1947 for Military Personnel.

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