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P-1424 WWI Colonel False Embroidery, also called Etruscan (imitation brocade), Set of Two uniform eagles in Sterling Silver. These were very popular in the early 20th Century until just after the end of World War I.This is sold in sets of two. This was the preferred looking Colonel insignia. The wing span is approximately 1 7/8 inches with each eagle facing each other. Look closely and you can see the Eagles are facing the arrows which was not authorized, these are called “War Eagles” since they are not facing the peace olive branch. War Eagles were allowed until 1926 in time of conflict, so these could have been worn duringthe Spanish American War and World War I. These are made with the correct pin back reproduction of that era. While not an original here is a chance to get a set of this unusual insignia in sterling silver at a reasonable price.

WWI Colonel War Eagles False Embroidery Sterling Silver

SKU: P-1424
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