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P-1870C The "Boxing Ocelot" is the Distinctive Insignia for the 65th Coast Artillery, now Air Defense Artillery (ADA). The 65 was formed on December 15th 1917 and arrived in France on April 6, 1918 for training on the British 9.2 inch guns, after training they were in combat for the next 70 days suffering 3 killed and 99 wounded. On January 30, 1919 they arrived back in the USA and they were demobilized by February 28, 1919. On July 1, 1924 the 65th was organized in the Canal Zone and on April 15, 1932 once again deactivated. It was during this time September 21 1925 the Ocelot Distinctive Insignia was approved for use by the Quartermaster General. However by June 1938 they were activated again and this time in San Francisco. They were famous for the development of a $9.80 item of equipment that allowed the installation of a 50 caliber anti-aircraft machine gun to be mounted on a jeep. During WWII they were assigned to the defense of Alaska.

The last active combat participation was the 7th Battalion, G Battery, operating Quad 50s in South Viet Nam from November 6, 1966 until December 26, 1971 when they were deactivated. The 1st Battalion continued in operation until 1988.

This is a museum quality reproduction of a set of the two DI’s, made into a set of cufflinks notice there is a right and left made in sterling silver with a 24k gold plate.

WWI妨WII Boxing Ocelot DI Sterling GP Cuff Links

SKU: P-1870C
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