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P-1555SF This is museum qualtity reproduction of the USMC Paratrooper badge made in sterling silver with a 24 karat gold plate from the Korean era and still in use today. After training the Marine is awarded the same basic paratrooper badge that both the Army and Air Force use. This badge is awarded after the 5 additional jumps including two at night and must be accoplished from at least two different aircraft. There are two versions of this badge, a pin back that was used until the mid 1960's and the clutch back that was used since the start of the badge in 1951. This is the pin back version that was used from the Korean era until early Vietnam. In Vietnam the Marine Recon Force had a skull soldered onto the paratrooper badge. It was common for SF and Recon units to add this touch to their badges. This wing is shown on page 149 of United State Navy wings of Gold. Not very common in many Vietnam collections, here is a chance to own one of these until a realone comes along.

USMC Paratrooper Recon Skull Sterling Gold Plate

SKU: P-1555SF
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