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P-1505 Without a doubt this is the most beautiful set of Colonel insignia I have ever seen. Also it must be one of the largest ever made. The wingspan is 2 3/16 of an inch and each bird weights about 1/2 ounce. This was a very short war and had many regiments such as the Rough Riders that were put together with some very rich and influential people as the heads. For example, Col Teddy Roosevelt, in a picture of him in uniform it shows some rather large Colonel insignia. This insignia was first designed for the Marine Corps but also used by US Army officers. We believe the original designer of these eagles was "T & E DICKINSON & CO/ JEWELERS/ 472-474 MAIN STREET/ BUFFALO, N.Y. Also note these are in the War Eagle style of where the head of the Eagle is facing the arrows of war. This is a museum quality reproduction made in sterling silver.

US Colonel Insignia Spanish American War Eagles in Sterling Silver

SKU: P-1505
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