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   Originally these bracelets were brought into the United States by Special Forces personnel and big game hunters.    They used to be worn by the Montagnards of Vietnam, and were given as gifts to some of the Special Forces folks that worked with them as a sign of great respect and trust.


   According to legend, the wearer of an elephant hair bracelet would be protected from illness, taken out of harms way, and attain great fortune.   The knots represent fertility & ancestors (earth) and forces & spirits (nature).   In following with tradition, those white hunters who actually hunted and killed an elephant wear the bracelet on the right arm.   Elephant hair bracelets presented to friends  as tokens of good luck are worn on the left arm.


   There is another ancient legend that says the hair of the elephant gives man the power of the animal. While the most common belief is that the hair can be used to ward off evil spirits.


   For thousands of years Mythology has believed that the connection between heaven and earth is the elephant.   It is believed that by wearing an elephant hair bracelet you will be prosperous and healthy and not become sick or poor.


   It is thought to create a balance and blend between earth and nature, thus enabling the bearer to be in sync with the forces of the universe.   It is also thought that your ancestors will protect you from harm and bad happenings by helping you with the harmony of these forces.


   Each of our bracelets has been carefully crafted by hand, using the highest quality sterling silver .925.   Each has 7 strands and 2 adjustable knots, (In Indo China the Montanyard varieties were very simple with just two slip knots.) adding a new, attractive and unique piece of jewelry to your collection.   It is Ideal for the field and at home in more formal surroundings.   Our bracelet is fully adjustable to fit a woman (opens to approx. 3 ½”) and comes wonderfully gift boxed making it the perfect gift for her on any occasion.


   © G. Hone 2009

Special Forces Unisex Elephant Hair Style Bracelet Sterling Silver .925

SKU: #EHBS-Bracelet
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