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P-1530-3 This current issue set of Full Colonel insignia that has been made in the US Military tradition of the War Eagles. These are called War Eagles because the head of the eagle is facing the arrows. Official Colonel insignia the head of the eagle faces the olive branch. You are purchasing a set of three in the uniform size (1 1/2 inches) and made in sterling silver. These unofficial Eagles could be worn on todays uniform, you have too look very closely to see that they are non-regulation, but after all we are at war. Just don’t wear them for any official uniform picture.

Don't miss out on having one of these in your collection or for your uniform. Also note these are shown in bright finish, they are also available in oxidized sterling if you want a set for the older style.

Colonel Eagles current War Eagles Sterling Silver set of three

SKU: P-1530-3
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