P-1530 Colonel Eagles current War Eagles Sterling Silver This current issue set of Full Colonel insignia that has been made in the US Military tradition of the War Eagles in a bright finish for today's uniform. History note: Before 1926 Eagles were made with the head facing the arrows or facing the laurel branch, no standard existed. In 1926, the insignia was made in pairs with the head of the eagle facing to the front when worn. This was the first reference to the insignia being made in pairs. To do this, the eagle’s head was reversed on one insignia – the insignia worn on the right shoulder had the eagle’s head facing the laurel branch. On the left shoulder, the eagle’s head faced the arrows. The insignia with the eagle’s head facing the arrow became known by the term "war eagle”. In 1951, the insignia was redesigned so that the eagle’s head faced the laurel branch on both the left and right shoulder insignia with the arrows to the rear on both insignia. During WWII a number of manufacturers made the insignia with both Eagles having the arrows facing forward. This is how we have made these. These Eagles are perfect for the re-enactor or the O-6 of today (but don’t wear these for your official photo).