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Marine Corps Marksmanship

Marine Corps Marksmanship DVD191

The marksmanship skills of the Marine Corps rifleman are legendary.

In no other service do recruits receive such exacting training with
their rifle as do those who undergo Marine Corps training. A
Marine 's expertise with the rifle is gained from learning the strict
fundamentals of marksmanship which are taught along with the
discipline to master these concepts. In this four hour program,
you will learn the proven techniques taught to Marine recruits
during their three weeks of intensive marksmanship training.

Phase One:

The first week of marksmanship training begins with the basics:
breath control, bore support, muscle relaxation, natural point of aim,
'zeroing', sight alignment, the proper trigger control. You'll attend
every class as the proper structure is taught for all firing positions;
prone, sitting, kneeling and standing.

Phase Two:

You advance to live firing ranges as recruits put their new
knowledge to use and qualify as Marksman, Sharpshooters, and
Expert. If they fail to qualify, they are dropped from their unit
and set back in training. The target sizes are qualification tables
are presented in this program so viewers can 'qualify' against the
same standards as Marine recruits.

Phase Three:

In week Three, recruits learn to apply their knowledge to combat
situations. They learn to alter their firing positions so as to present the
smallest possible target to the enemy. They learn the fundamentals of
low light firing, firing from ubknown distances, firing from effective cover,
effects of weather, and leading a target. Only than are they regarded as
trained and capable riflemen worthy of continuing the training of the
United States Marines Corps.

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Marine Corps Marksmanship DVD191

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