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The Art of Camouflage

The Art of Camouflage DVD109

In this unique instructional video, military
experts show you the most effective secrets to
stay invisible in the wild.

Whether your interest is hunting, wildlife
watching or photography or general
concealment, it's all here in this richly
informative video on the art at camouflage.

Learn: how to:

...fabricate three types of 'combat effective'
Ghillie (sniper) suits for a modest cost in

...to move through vegetation in a low crawl.

...to properly camouflage paint your face and
to conceal your equipment.

These camouflage systems will allow you to
remain unseen, even at close quarters, in a
wide range of natural environments, from the
desert and grasslands in the varied bush
environments and dark greens of a forest.

These are the techniques employed and
taught by our most effective military units.
With them, you'll achieve the highest level of
camouflage effectiveness.

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© 1997 Documentary Recordings ~ Internet www.militaryrecordings.com

The Art of Camouflage DVD109

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