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Workout DVD107

The NAVY SEALs Workout DVD107

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Welcome to the challenging and motivating
physical training of the world famed United States
Navy SEALs.

This program, filmed entirely at the U.S. Navy's
Special Warfare Center, enables you to participate in
the physical training of the most versatile, best-
conditioned military unit in the world.

These workouts are designed to build both upper
and lower body strength and to create maximum
muscle endurance. . . the physical and movativational
capacities which allow SEALs to fulfill their missions,
whatever the obstacles.

The physical training is led on camera by veteran
SEAL instructors who demonstrate proper techniques
and instill the special spirt and motivation-to-succeed
for which SEALs are renowned.

By regular and incrementally increased
participation in this workout, you will achieve a level
of physical conditioning and motivation unique among
excercise programs. You'll get into 'fighting shape' the
SEAL Way -- by the same proven program which
produces these special fighting men trained to prevail
from sea, air and land.

WARNING: The Physical Workout shown on this DVD
should not be attempted in its entirety by the beginner.
This is a PROGRESSIVE callisthenic workout. You will probablity
not be able, at the onset, to keep up with effort demonstrated
by the SEAL instructors. It is intended that the viewer will
will bnuild his or her strength and endurance increnentally,
and should follow along at his or her pace.

The Producers express their gratitude to the Navel Special Warfare
Command for their cooperation in the production of this video.

© 1997

Navy SEALs Workout DVD107

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