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The U.S. Army Ranger

The U.S. Army Ranger DVD105

This action packed documentary on the combat
training of U.S. Army Rangers is unique

No other documentary or video has ever captured the
tense drama and realism of the ambushes, patrols, and
live fire missions of Ranger training -- from Pre-Ranger
School to Regiment Training -- as does this remarkable,
50 minute-long special documentary, 'RANGER'.

Two years in the making, this documentary takes you
on a riveting saga of training and testing of the U.S.
Army's elite combat arm, the Rangers. From the swamps
of Florida to the mountains of North Carolina, and from
the plains of eastern Washington to the forests of
Georgia, this documentary shows it all in never-before-
seen footage.

Witness a company of Rangers conducting a live fire
raid at night against an 'enemy' training camp (filmed
through night vision scopes). And that's just an opening
sequence within this extraordinary document of sound
and images.

Filmed with 'you-are-there' realism, this documentary
will introduce you to the unforgettable world of one of
America's finest fighting units.

This video is their story.

A production of Documentary Recordings, P.O. Box 99788, San Diego, CA. 92169
© 1997 Documentary Recordings ~ Internet www.militaryrecordings.com

The U.S. Ranger DVD105

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