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Hand To Hand Combat
Marine Corps L.I.N.E. Training

Hand To Hand Combat DVD115

WARNING: These fighting techniques were developed
for combat and are potentially lethal. They should only
be used in a 'life threatening' situation.

L.I.N.E. training is the Marine Corps' version of
hand-to-hand combat which is taugth to all
Marine Corps recruits, both male and female,
The Marine Corps uses these unique methods of
self-defense, because they are easy to learn,
extremely effective, and can be incorporated into
other martial arts systems.

L.I.N.E. training stands for "Linear Involuntary
Neurological override Engagement" which means
that once learned, these movements become
automatic reflexes in reaction to physical

These are the complete, twelve lessons which
will 'arm' you with a variety of counter moves
and counter strikes against physical attacks.

All lessons taught in this program are taught by
Marine Corps Drill Instructors at the
Marine Corps Recruit Training Center in San
Diego, California and occur during actual L.I.N.E.
training classes. This DVD program enables you
to learn these hand-to-hand combat drills
alongside Marine Corps recruits.

Running Time 60 minutes

A production of Documentary Recordings, P.O. Box 99788, San Diego, CA. 92169
© 1999 Documentary Recordings ~ Internet www.militaryrecordings.com

Hand To Hand Combat DVD115

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