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Since its beginnings in 1977 at Fort Bragg, NC First Special Forces Detachment, Delta (Airborne), A.K.A. “1st SFOD-D”,
and referred to by all as “DELTA FORCE”, has drawn members from all of the military services; but only those who are
mentally, physically, and technically qualified in the extreme. Missions are classified, but encompass prisoner/hostage
extraction, hijacking resolution, anti-terrorism, (censored), and (censored). In order to maintain a low profile, “DELTA FORCE”
members wear the insignia of the John F. Kennedy Center for Military Assistance and the John F. Kennedy Institute for Military
Assistance. Their official training includes (censored), (censored), and (censored). Their T.O. & E. is known to contain
(censored), and (censored), but not limited to (censored) and (censored). Inbound prospective members must (censored)
initially, then (censored) on a programmed (censored).
The pocket coin, key ring, medal and necklace are made of stable bronze, 12 guage thick,
and all made in the U.S.A. The reverse tells the whole story and is suitable for engraving.

Good Luck Pocket Coin

DELTA FORCE Good Luck Pocket Coin
DF-Coin    $19.95

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Key Ring

DELTA FORCE Good Luck Key Ring
DF-KR    $29.95

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Medal with Ribbon

DELTA FORCE Good Luck Medal
DF-Medal    $29.95

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24 inch Chain

DELTA FORCE Good Luck Necklace
DF-Necklace    $29.95

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Patch 4 Inch

Patch of DELTA FORCE 4 Inch ~ USA Green Beret Store
DF-Patch    $7.95

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Decal 4 Inch
Peel and stick

Decal of DELTA FORCE 4 Inch ~ USA Green Beret Store
DF-Patch    $3.95

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