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Run To Cadence
U.S. Women

Forty minutes of Spirit, Tradition and Motivation!
Here are the favorite Running Cadences of the U.S. Women Marines.

In the motivating oral traditions of military cadences, each caller employs
his or her own distinct style and lyrics. This collection reflects that rich,
informal diversity. . .every cadence wonderfully unique.

All cadences were recorder on location with Women Marine drill Instructors
and trainees at Marine Recurit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina.
© 1998

Run To Cadence U.S. Women Marines CD
Run To Cadence U.S. Women Marines CD

Item 405CD ~ $20.00
(1 Available to ship)
Factory Sealed by Documentary Recordings

Cadences are in a continous sequence.
Not an official product of the U.S. Marine Corps.

REMINDER: As with all music played on a portable player while running,
jogging or walking, take extra care in using this product in a traffic enviorment.

1. Motivation, Dedication
2. 1, 2, 3, 4 United States Marine Corps!
3. My Marine Corps Colors
4. You Know We are going to Run
5. P.T. Junkies
6. If You Wanted to Be . . .
7. Five Miles
8. If You See Me Coming
9. Up From a Sub
10. I Want to be a Drill Instructor
11. Devil Dog
12. Is It Whiskey or Is It Wine?
13. Motivation, Dedication II
14. P.T. Everyone
15.My Aunt Molly
16. Chesty Puller
17. MP, MP
18. Marine Corps Infantry

19. Going on a Little Run
20. Motivationm Dedication III
21. Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You
22. Motivation, Dedication IV
23. 1, 2, 3, 4 United States Marine Corps! II
24. Woke Up This Morning
25. I Dob't Know but I've Been Told
26. C-130 Rolling Down the Strip
27. If I Die
28. Here's a Little Story
29. Everywhere We Go
30. My Grandaddy
31. My Grandmother
32. You Know We Gotta Run
33. PT Everyday II
34.Mind Over Matter
35.I Used to sit at Home All day
36. Here We Go


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