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Recon Marines

Forty one minutes of Spirit, Tradition and Motivation!
Here are the favorite Running Cadences of the United States Recon Marines.

In the motivating oral traditions of military cadences, each caller employs
his or her own distinct style and lyrics. This collection reflects that rich,
informal diversity. . .every cadence wonderfully unique.

All cadences were recorded on location with U.S. Recon Units at
Camp Pendletion, California. © 1998

Run To Cadence RECON Marines CD
Run To Cadence RECON Marines CD

Item 400CD ~ $20.00
(2 Available to ship)
Factory Sealed by Documentary Recordings

Cadences are in a continous sequence.
Not an official product of the U.S. Marine Corps.

REMINDER: As with all music played on a portable player while running,
jogging or walking, take extra care in using this product in a traffic enviorment.

1. Here We Go Recon
2. Everywhere We Go
3. When I Say "Number One"
4. Ten Mile Run
5. Born in the Woods
6. Up In the Morning with the Rising Sun
7. Mighty, Mighty Recon
8. My Grandaddy
9. I Don't Know, But I;ve Been Told
10. Down in the Jungles of El Salvador
11. Mama and Papa were lyin' in Bed
12. I've Got a Story
13. Ding Dong
14. Am I Right or Wrong?
15. Hey, Recon!
16. If I Die
17.But I Don't Know But I heard Tell
18. R is for Ranger
19. P.T.
20. My Aunt Sally

21. I know I'm in Iran
22. No Pain, No Gain
23. Superman
24. I'm a Recon Marine
25. We Love to Double Time
26. Up From the Rack
27. Everywhere We Go II
28. Warriors From Hell
29. I've Got a Gal in New Orleans
30. Jody's Got Your Cadillac
31. Everywhere We Go III
32. We Are Recon Can't You See?
33. C-130 Rolling Down the Strip
34. When I Get To Heaven
35. Up in the Morning II
36. P.T. II
37. Do or Die
38. Running Through the Jungle
39. Jody, Jody
40. Mama Told Johnny Not to Go Downtown
41. Feel the Rythm


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